My singing career has run the gamut of musicals, classical repertoire, folk music, vocal improv and world music.  I graduated from the Theatre Arts program at Grant MacEwan University (Edmonton), since appearing on stages in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg & Toronto in musicals, plays, concerts and interdisciplinary collaborative works. I’ve proudly conducted and sung with Echo Women’s Choir (Toronto), the Georgian women’s ensemble Megobrebi, and the interdisciplinary vocal group Keep6. I was an Artistic Associate with the interdisciplinary group The Question Company, dedicated to creating interdisciplinary works, providing educational artistic development opportunities, and advancing knowledge transfer through the arts within health research fields.  I studied with the incredible contemporary opera singer Fides Krucker, vocal and movement improvisational artist  Rhiannon (Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra), Afican American singer and songwriter Ysaye Barnwell (Sweet Honey in the Rock), and Edmonton-based soprano Alice Wright.


I teach seminar and practical courses at Wilfrid Laurier University, including:

  • Class Voice: a group class focusing on building and refining vocal foundations for solo and group singing.
  • Seminar courses focusing on community music: these courses build analytical acumen and leadership skills through course work and community placements.
  • Music cultures: a course that combines music education and ethnomusicology to consider the role of music in creating communities, cultures, and society.

I have also taught singing through my private studio for over a decade. My voice students come from various backgrounds, from professional musicians and actors to adults and youth who have never sung publicly but always wanted to.  I strive to create a nurturing, supportive learning environment in which my students can take risks and discover the full potential of their singing voices. For five years, I also taught singing lessons and directed a youth choir through Toronto’s Dixon Hall Community Music School.

Through my studies, I have built a solid vocal pedagogy, grounded in how the voice functions in the body.  I am an apprentice teacher with renowned Toronto singer and teacher Fides Krucker, which shapes my teaching towards an embodied and organic approach to singing, while remaining technically sound. While my vocal technique draws from an operatic bel canto technique, I do not teach opera, nor operatic vocal techniques. My emphasis is helping students freeing and releasing their natural voices, exploring their vocal ranges, working on whatever songs they bring in, and suggesting songs that help them grow as singers and performers.


I completed my Master in Education at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education. In my master’s program, I focused on the transformative potential of adults reclaiming their singing voices.

I completed my Ph.D. in Music Education at University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. My dissertation was a historical study of the uses of music in Toronto’s settlement houses between 1910 and 1939. At this same time, I also pursued secondary studies in individual and group vocal pedagogy technique, as well as expanding my choral music education experience.

My postdoctoral research focused on the effects of colonization, and my current research continues to take up questions of equity and inclusion in and through music.

other stuff

I live in Waterloo with my partner and our two sons. I like to garden in April but my enthusiasm generally peters out by July. I use my trusty bicycle to get around town as much as possible. I am learning to enjoy rather than eradicate my flaws. I once worked on a pirate ship.


Performance and teaching inquiries can be sent to  singing@yerichuk.com.