New Year’s Resolutions in Reverse

I hate New Year’s resolutions. They’re just a way to set ourselves up for failure. What about the New Year is really going to motivate me to change significant habits in my life forever? Nothing. For years, all I had to show for my brief efforts was a trail of broken resolutions and a dark cloud of failure hanging over me by mid-January.

Over the last couple of years I developed this strategy: look backwards instead of forwards. Like a resolution-in-reverse. Look back on your year: what are you most proud of? What did you accomplish? Then celebrate your success with your beverage of choice. You did it!

I had an amazing 2010: I mounted a cabaret with Jen Cook (, I conducted a fabulous Toronto Women’s Choir, and I got through the first year of my doctorate. I’m also proud that I managed (for the most part) to stay sane and mostly friendly as a mother in an incredibly busy and stressful year.

How about you? What were you most proud of in 2010?


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