undone recordings

Woot!  We’re going to go into the studio on Monday to record our favourite songs from the Undone Cabaret.  By “we,” I mean Jen Cook, Tania Gill (on piano), and Chris Banks (on bass). By “the studio,” I mean a big empty room that used to be a dining hall, in which my amazing colleague Augusto Monk will use his equipment to capture our magic. And maybe add some percussion?  What’d’ya say, Augusto?

I like the idea of undone recordings.  Really, I just meant recording songs from the Undone Cabaret show.  But isn’t it a bit of a mind-twister to think of a recording as unfinished?  Can we go into that old dining hall and remain open and raw and unfinished and record what emerges?  My hope is that we’ll be able to more closely capture the feel of a live performance, rather than the pinnacle of recorded perfection.

With a lot of sweat labour and some luck, we’ll have some CDs at the show on Aug 27 and 28! Have you reserved tickets yet?  Saturday is close to selling out, and Friday isn’t too far behind.  I’ve started cleaning the house–well, the front porch. But it’s a start. We’ve got a line on some chairs.  The sangria recipe is selected and the mini-cheesecakes have been identified for purchase.  Yep, the show is shaping up!


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